Bob White Quail

Colinus virginianus

As far as birds go, Bob White Quail are pretty awesome. They get their name from the male?s call, which sounds like ?bob?bob white!?. They are ground dwelling birds and only fly to get away from predators, or when startled. The males have white on their heads as well as a black band; the females are all brown, with some white plumage on their bodies. During breeding season, Bob White pair off into couples. Females lay 12-16 eggs per clutch and can lay up to 3 clutches per breeding season. In the wild these birds have an incredibly high mortality rate, and generally only live a year. They love to forage on grains, seeds, and they also eat insects. For more info visit Quail Info.


Great Roadrunner

Geococcyx californianus

The Greater Roadrunner gets its name from its habit of running along roadsides. It?s a ground dwelling bird that?s capable of running up to 20 mph. It uses this ability to chase down its prey which consists of snakes, rodents, insects, lizards and arachnids. It subdues its prey with a strike of its beak, or by picking it up and beating it against a rock. Our roadrunners name is Rocko, he broke his? leg when he was a chick and was rehabilitated by Wild Bird Rescue. He is very personable and curious and loves to investigate new things.