Alcoa Foundation partners with River Bend Nature Center to expand programs – STEM

Thu, Dec 13

Alcoa Grant-18Alcoa Foundation is proud to partner with the River Bend Nature Center (RBNC) to support the many worthwhile programs it holds each year to educate young and old in the value of preserving natural habitat and respecting wildlife. The Center?s exceptional programs were created to promote active participation in the North Texas ecosystem and stimulate youth to explore science careers.
Alcoa Power and Propulsion presented a $33,000 grant to the River Bend Nature Center. They were ?joined by up to 90 2nd graders from Ben Franklin Elementary School, who participate in lessons about seed propagation and how animals adapt to their surroundings.
?We are extremely proud to support River Bend, its staff and the many volunteers. The Center gives everyone a great opportunity to explore a slice of our unique outdoors,? said Monty Gillespie, plant manager, Alcoa Power and Propulsion in Wichita Falls. ?The Center?s diverse programming focuses on education, conservation and sustainability?priority areas for Alcoa Foundation.?
In the last three years, Alcoa Foundation has invested $21.5 million to support education and workforce readiness across the communities where Alcoa operates, with a particular focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education.

Thank you so much Alcoa for supporting our mission to connect people to the natural environment!?