Spring Blooms

Fri, May 7

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Have you ever noticed how our Texas Spring produces wildflower colors in harmony with the gradually heating temperatures? On a recent drive through Texas I caught my breath at the…

The Garden is BACK!

Tue, Mar 23

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The United Children’s Garden is home to various themed areas. Butterfly Garden Sensory Garden Vegetable Garden Herb Garden (new this season) After the winter dormancy, the perennials (plants that come…

Plants for Sale

Mon, Mar 22

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River Bend’s spring gardening Open House last Saturday was a good place to be while the snow was falling. We had a? number of visitors browsing our tables full of…

Snow Day At River Bend

Mon, Feb 15

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Ever wonder what happens when the snow falls at River Bend? Don’t forget about the Evening Education tonight! Tonight’s presentation is “City Water Planning” brought to you by Daniel Nix…