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Completed Eagle Scout Projects

Weber Gilbert – Troop 11

Weber Gilbert (Troop 11) with the help of Kyle Paris and Mason Macias, built a set of Montessori bookshelves and a set of live edge cedar shelves for the Rotary Club of Wichita Falls North Children’s Library. This project involved cutting and assembling the wooden components into the finished product.

Completed March 2024

John Byers – Troop 1

John Byers (Troop 1) with the help of Talan Parker, Eli Calpito, Vedder D’Ambrosio, and Andy D’Ambrosio reconstructed a portion of the path in the Children’s Garden. Their work consisted of leveling, adding a stone border, and adding a layer of decomposed granite to the path.

Completed November 2023

Bleu Kidwell – Troop 1

Bleu Kidwell (Troop 1) built two outdoor bulletin boards. Bleu painted, assembled, and set these outdoor bulletin boards in place to allow children to share engaging stories and offer educational content about the local plants and insects.

Completed October 2023

Joshua Eakin – Troop 1

Joshua Eakin (Troop 1) along with fellow Scouts and family restored this trail in our Children’s Garden. They added fieldstone along both sides of the trail, removed vegetation, and added a layer of decomposed granite.

Completed September 2023

Ayden Macias- Troop 11

Ayden Macias (Troop 11) designed and built an activity bench in the United Children’s Garden. The goal for his project was to add more to the United Children’s Garden and have an area for children to have fun and play. We know it will be enjoyed by everyone for years to come!

Completed January 2023

Logan Davidson – Troop 34

Logan Davidson (Troop 34) and his fellow scouts constructed 3 new benches. They were carefully placed to coexist with the gazebo which was also constructed by a fellow scout. They allow guests to comfortably sit in the shade while enjoying watching the kids dig for dinos!

Completed January 2022

Rachel Spadin- Troop 2

Rachel Spadin (Troop 2) designed this sensory garden that allows visitors to use their five senses to explore and connect to nature. It is all about engaging the 5 basic senses of sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste with enticing sounds, scents, and textures.

Completed April 2022

Luke Villeneuve- Troop 22

Luke Villeneuve (Troop 22) and his fellow scouts constructed a new path in the United Children’s Garden for his Eagle Scout Project. The paving stone makes the path easier to traverse and less likely to be washed out from heavy rains. Thank you Luke!

Completed September 2021

Rose Blagg- Troop 43

Rose Blagg (Troop 43) built two gazebos and renovated our dino-dig sandbox for her Eagle Scout Project. The shape of the gazebos was chosen to maximize shade during all parts of the day. The more eco-friendly design of the sandbox was achieved by removing the railroad ties and replacing them with stone covered by a wood cap, which also serves as a comfortable place to sit! This project will be enjoyed for years to come by nature explorers!

Completed August 2021

Sage Gilbert- Troop 11

Check out Sage Gilbert’s completed Eagle Scout Project! He completed 10 bee houses for our United Children’s Garden. These homes will attract and help local solitary bees, such as Mason Bees, reproduce. These bees are excellent pollinators! The bee houses will be used in our Critter Connection, Camps, and Insect Trail Tours. Thank you Sage for this neat exhibit! Learn more about bee houses and learn how to make your own here: https://www.almanac.com/content/bee-houses-solitary-bees.

Completed April 2021

Sara Russell- Troop 43

Sara Russell with Scout Troop 43 has constructed 4 raised beds in the United Children’s Garden for her Eagle Scout Project. The raised beds will be used to grow vegetables and flowering nectar plants for our local insect population. They will also be incorporated into a new gardening program at River Bend. Thank you so much, Sara! Learn more about raised beds and learn how to make your own here: https://joegardener.com/podcast/raised-bed-gardening-pt-1/.

Completed March 2021

Carson Deal- Troop 11

Check out Carson Deal’s completed Eagle Scout Project! His hydroponic system is currently growing Pothos, Wandering Dude, and some seasonal veggies! We have incorporated it into our STEM program. Thank you Carson for this neat exhibit! Learn more about hydroponics and learn how to make your own here: Hydroponic Systems: How They Work and How To Build Your Own (epicgardening.com).

Completed November 2020

Hayden Richards- Troop 22

Hayden Richards and Troop 22 revitalized our Bird Blind Area by adding new plants and laying new stone for his Eagle Scout Project! It looks great, Hayden, and we can’t thank you enough!!

Completed October 2018

Aidan Parker- Troop 1

Aidan Parker with Boy Scout unit Troop 1 of the Northwest Texas Council completed 3 bat houses and 3 owl nesting boxes for our Bottom Forest Trail for his Eagle Scout Project. Since their installation resident Screech Owls have taken up residence. Thank you Aidan! Learn more about bat houses here: Build a Bat House (nwf.org) Learn more about owl houses here: Screech Owl House Plans: How to Build a Screech Owl Box – FeltMagnet.

Completed August 2018

AJ- Troop 13

We would like to express our appreciation for the hard work of AJ and BSA TX Troop 13. They cleared out the terraces in the United Children’s Garden to make way for some new plants! Great Job guys! 

Completed August 2016

Jett Johnson- Troop 15

Thank you so much Jett Johnson and Troop 15 with First Christian Church for helping install ElectriCritters. Jett Johnson and his troop did a great job (special thanks to Jett’s parents)! River Bend was fortunate Jett selected ElectriCritters as his Eagle Scout project. Thank you for helping River Bend get ready for our 2017 ElectriCritters season!

Completed in November 2017

Josh and Jonathan Schaeffer- Troop 34

Josh and Jonathan Schaeffer from Troop 34, Northwest Texas Council built a railroad tie walkway at the entrance to our Wild Side Trail for their Eagle Scout project.
Special thanks also to Home Depot and Mike Minuto along with James Schaeffer (father of eagle scouts).

Completed June 2014

Will Bjordammen- Troop 316

Thank you to Will Bjordammen of Troop 316 on completing his Eagle Scout project at River Bend. As a result of his project, River Bend has a climbing wall along with a natural tree stump play area to enjoy on the Wild Side trail at River Bend in the forest area. Thank you for this great addition to River Bend for everyone to enjoy!

Completed June 2014

Trevor Jaquez- Troop 316

Trevor Jaquez helped clear out the Wild Side Trail. With the help of Troop 316 they also enlarged the Dino Dig area in the Children’s Garden. Thank you so much for choosing RBNC!

Completed June 2013

Ryan Ferguson- Troop 34

Meet Ryan Ferguson! For his Eagle Scout project, he constructed beautiful wooden benches, bird houses, and feeders to enhance our trail system. We are so thankful you choose RBNC for your project!

Completed July 2012

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