Rental FAQ

Can you rent the Forest Ceremony Site or the Terrace by itself?

Unfortunately no. These facilities do not have restrooms, so we rent them in conjunction with facilities that do. Rental of the learning center or pavilion includes use of the terrace, forest ceremony site, and bridal prep room.

Is alcohol allowed?

Definitely! You are also allowed to have any type. However, we hire a security guard at $25 an hour beginning 30 minutes after the start of the ceremony until the very end of your rental. Only rentals with alcohol are required to pay this fee.

When are the venues available?

7 days a week. The pavilion can be rented anytime.

River Bend will not be rented for weddings during the months of November and December. River Bend will be decorated for its annual fundraiser, ElectriCritters, and the decorations may not be changed, altered, or removed for any reason.

River Bend will not be rented on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

How far in advance can you book?

We book a year in advance. For example, if you wanted May 11th, 2018, you couldn’t book that date until May 1st, 2017.

Does the rental time include set up and take down?

Yes, it does. Each rental has a minimum rental time.  You won’t have access to the facility until your rental time begins, and it has to be cleaned and vacated by the end of the scheduled rental. I would give yourself as much time as you can so you’re not rushed.

Does RBNC have a catering policy?

RBNC does not have a catering policy. You’re allowed to bring in whatever you would like. However, there is no on-site kitchen.

Does the facility include tables and chairs?

RBNC rents out 6 ft, 8 ft, and round tables. We also have 150 white chairs.  However, rental of the pavilion includes the use of 16 picnic tables and 100 aluminum folding chairs. Rental of learning center includes the current setup of chairs and tables at the time of your rental. You can bring in whatever you would like. If you rent tables and chairs from an outside source they can only be dropped off or delivered during your rental time and have to be removed at the end of your rental time.

When would be a good time for us to come by and take a tour?

We’re open 7 days a week, M-F 9-5 p.m., Sat. 10-4 p.m., and Sun 12-4 p.m. If you would like a guided tour please give us a call at 940-767-0843 and we can schedule an appointment during the week M-F 9-5 pm. There is no admission when you come to look at the facility for a rental, just tell the employee in the gift shop why you are here.

Do we have to make an appointment to book?

Yes, and a completed contract with a deposit is required to set your date on our calendar. Call Jennica or Samantha at 940-767-0843 and we’ll set something up with you.

How much is the deposit?

$300. There is a $10 non-refundable convenience fee if you pay with a credit card. The deposit does not go towards the cost of your rental. If you meet the terms of your contract it will be sent back to you after your event.