reSALE Yard?Sale

Wed, Mar 31

Well, I seem to have been miscalling this weekend’s Yard Sale the Reuse Yard Sale in stead of the Resale Yard Sale.

While the ReUSE Yard Sale still calls upon the great Reduce, REUSE, Recycle theme that is a great motif to live by, the RESALE Yard Sale is the correct name. One that still implies <<if you need something, see if your neighbor will sell it to you first before creating new demand>>

So if you see fliers for the Reuse or Resale Yard Sale at River Bend, remember that they are the same event. And we still are accepting donations until Thursday evening. We are trying to stay until around 6:00pm to accept donations.

Sorry for the misuse of English, it is not my first language. After all I’m only a quail, but a tremendously talented quail at that.

Clyde the Quail

p.s. Yep that’s me!