River Bend Lecture Series

Thu, Mar 3

“Winged Journeys: Mysteries of Bird Migration.”

Monday March 7th 7pm-9pm

Presented by Penny Miller

Ever wonder where your favorite birds go in the fall??How a bird who just hatched this year can find its way hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles to its winter home? How a tiny bird can fly several hundred miles across open water? If you have asked yourself these questions and others, join us for “Winged Journeys: Mysteries of Bird Migration.”
Penny Miller is a long-time bird enthusiast. Penny has a B.S. in Biology from Purdue University, although the Air Force had other ideas about what she should do for a living. However, she has been pursuing birds in the field for many years. Penny is a member of the Rolling Plains Texas Master Naturalists, the North Texas Bird and Wildlife Club and the Texas Ornithological Society. She has worked with Wild Bird Rescue as a volunteer rehabilitator for several years. Her blog, A Charm of Finches, chronicles her birding adventures and misadventures. You can also follow her tweets @birdwithpenny.