Science Saturday is Tomorrow!

Fri, May 21

* Only two more left in the season!

Animal of the Rolling Plains

Saturday, May 22

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

River Bend Nature Center
in the Learning Center

Explore the lifestyles and habitats of the animal life of the Rolling Plains. The Rolling Plains is a large region that encompasses much of North Texas and Oklahoma. The five prominent sub-ecoregions of the Rolling Plains are the Short Grass Prairie, Mid Grass Prairie, Tall grass Prairie, Cross Timbers Forest, and the River Bottom Forest. These ecoregions are featured in the Ruby N. Priddy Butterfly & Nature Conservatory at River Bend.

The Rolling Plains is filled with different animals, big and small. Many animal populations have diminished because farming practices in the region have wiped our much of the native habitats of these animals. This is a great chance to learn about the animals that make the Rolling Plains their home, for better or worse, and the animals that are slowly making a comeback, like the American Bison.

Hope to see you and your family there!

Clyde the Quail